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The Health Essentials Workshop Series
By Dr. Gary Knight

Our Purpose is to give our patients the tools they need to achieve a pain-free lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is not all about "feeling good" but your body actually functioning at its highest capacity. A true wellness lifestyle deals with all the stress in life. We have created these series of workshops to aid our patients to receive all around care by dealing with chemical, physical and emotional aspects of our lifestyle. The workshops are held in our Pennsauken Chiropractic Office every other Tuesday. There is no charge for admission, but because dinner is provided you must RSVP by calling our office. See you there!

Each category covers several topics with well-rounded, informative instruction from Dr. Knight and the Concord Staff. Follow us on Facebook or our Blog to check out the current lineup.

In our NUTRITON workshops, Dr. Knight covers the importance of eating healthy, what foods we need to take in, avoid, and why.  Learn to distinguish what the detoxification process and weight loss practices are, and the safest, most effective way for you. Dr. Knight simplifies these complex subjects so you can benefit by immediately applying them to your life.

In our EXERCISE series we review our lifestyle as it relates to our health.  Dr. Knight discusses which exercise is beneficial or detrimental. The effects and benefits of exercise so you can determine when and how to exercise by addressing key motivational issues. Free Classes may include yoga, tai chi and other practices.

In our SPINAL HEALTH workshops, we discuss the most underrated and most significant concerns facing our health today. The most impactful series at Concord, this workshop requires us to think beyond what we have always been taught, and learn a way of wellness and health not previously exposed to us by mainstream healthcare.

In our STRESS series we uncover what stress is, and how to deal with it effectively and immediately! These workshops are designed to equip you with positive tools to help not only identify stress, but understand its basics, genesis and effect in our lives so you may live a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Gary Knight can also be engaged to speak to your business, church or social group about the Health Essentials Workshop - For information, or an appointment Call: 856 910-0495

Concord Wellness Institute
7150 North Park Drive Suite 420
Pennsauken Township, NJ  08109

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