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We have helped thousands of people in Pennsauken NJ with Low back pain, Headaches, Neck pain and Migraines!


“I was referred to Dr. Knight about a month ago when I complained to my dear friend about my stiff neck and overall soreness/inflammation. Turns out, my body was seriously out of alignment. After the first few visits my neck moved more freely and I felt relieved. Miraculously, my entire mood shifted and I became more and more relaxed. My husband asked if I was ok because I was so clam. Was I that stressed out? Feeling better each day & looking forward to many more positive days.

Thanks Dr. Knight, Maria & Tiffany”

- Michelle Parker

“Prior to receiving chiropractic care I suffered from a slew of ailments; chronic back pain, chronic headaches, digestion problems and fatigue. After being in Dr. Knight’s care he targeted the problem areas (Subluxations) and performed corrective techniques (Adjustments). Chiropractic is more than medical treatment; it is an art form in which Dr. Knight diligently and passionately practices.

My symptoms have subsided, if not disappeared. I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care and will continue to be under Dr. Knight’s care as part of a preventative maintenance plan. Thank you Concord Health!

- Luis Rivera

“I came to Concord Wellness after months of unbearable neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Knight patiently explained my situation and how chiropractic treatment could help. My pain disappeared within a few days and hasn’t returned since! I feel great!”  

- Jeannine McCafferty

“I know this sounds cliché (but I didn’t want to admit it) But after my very first adjustment I felt so much better. I know that I have been under a lot of stress since my accident in 2013 but it also has decreased and I have improved flexibility in my neck (which I could not turn as easily as I do now). Thank you Dr. Knight for taking care of me and thank you to the staff who are always professional and friendly.  

- Katrina Faltz

“I have been working with Dr. Knight for about two months now. Since I started here, I have FINALLY started to sleep through the night. I never realized that the pain in my back was keeping me up at night. I also did not realize the way I was falling asleep had an effect as well. Dr. Knight has made me more aware of my habits whether it was sleeping, exercising, EATING, as well as standing. My health has improved as well. By this point in the school year, I am usually sick at least once! My son and fiancé have been sick multiple times, but I have not gotten a cold at all! Everything Dr. Knight has done for me has just made me feel WONDERFUL, and I could not thank him enough!!”

 - Kelsey Pisa

“Dr. Knight & Team are fantastic! My husband found Dr. Knight online & after our mutual appointment we knew we were at the right place. I have a grueling work schedule where I stand for hours & was searching for a non-invasive healthy way to feel my best. My posture was not ideal, let’s be real, it was horrible. I was suffering from increased stiffness.

I enjoy the atmosphere, guidance & care Dr. Knight offers each of his patients. At no time do I feel rushed. He is invested in my recovery & journey to optimal health. He empowers his patients! I take pride in doing my stretches & working towards becoming the best version of mw. That is what is most important. The efforts each patient takes aides in the recovery. I am more self-aware of my posture, and focused on feeling great thanks to Dr. Knight’s adjustments. THANK YOU TEAM!”

- Chandra Anderson

“When I first arrived at this magical place, figuratively and literally, I was experiencing great neck and shoulder pain and tremendous tightness in those areas. Within the past month my entire persona has felt rejuvenated and much healthier. I am happier that my body feels very good! I am looking forward to feeling fantastic. Can’t Wait!”   

- Carolyn Schultz

"I am feeling stronger & straighter. “Old lady rounded shoulders" are going away thanks to Dr. Knight and his Chiropractic adjustments! My neck pain (auto accident 41 years ago) is much diminished and with exercises and a wellness plan it should all but disappear."

- Bobbi Stagliano

“I have been coming to Dr. Knight for the past 2 weeks. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, and have pain in my back & neck. In this short time, the pains in my neck and back have subsided & some days are even gone. The exercises he has prescribed are great. Yesterday I came into Dr. Knight's office with a pain in my neck. After treatment, the pain was completely gone. It’s wonderful to be pain free even for a little while.”

- Terri Steele

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