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The Most Effective Treatment for Sciatic Pain in Pennsauken

It happens more than we would ever like. You bend over and a burning pain is pulsing in your lower back. Sometimes you stand up and no matter how you stretch the sensation of pain just won’t go away. Whether you pulled your back or are suffering from a recurring injury, don’t spend another day without getting the relief you deserve. Our Chiropractic Office in Pennsauken provides specialized treatment for those suffering from sciatica.

Corrective Chiropractic Care for Pennsauken

Dr. Knight's unique method combines a system of traditional Chiropractic adjustments along with a customized exercise or daily activities designed to enhance the adjustment for greater overall effectiveness. Creating for you specialized techniques to provide relief from your worst sciatica symptoms His initial program is intensified to derive the greatest potential for improvement within the shortest amount of time. By targeting specific areas of your low back and sciatic region, chiropractic care helps your body heal and reduces the amount of pain you feel with each and every visit. This allows your treatment to be administered without causing you ore pain.  

Dr. Knight’s successful treatment for sciatica

“Before I started coming to Dr. Knight I always experienced lower back pain as well as sciatica that went down my left leg. I also had bad headaches. Today I felt so much better thanks to Dr. Knight. His adjustments and treatment have helped me a lot.” – Judith Lopez

“I’ve suffered with sciatica and a bulging disc in my lower lumbar. This has caused me constant pain with spikes of shooting pain down my legs. It was so bad that when working “on my feet 8hours+” I had to stop and sit down until my pain medicine kicked in. Any weight I put on my left or light (depending on which side acted up) when this happens would shoot pain right up my leg and end in my lower back. Now after 5th or 6th visit this is no longer an occurrence, by the 9th visit my lower back was holding the adjustments. Also my allergies and frequent headaches “usually just ignored” are not as frequent. I fully believe in Chiropractic Care and recommending my family & friends as well. Thank you very much. I will keep up with my visits and continue to heal; I am without any medications for pain 3 weeks now! – April Senior

Concord Wellness Institute
7150 North Park Drive Suite 420
Pennsauken Township, NJ  08109