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Functional Medicine In Pennsauken, NJ

Our Functional Medicine Specialists in Pennsauken give you a more natural and concise approach to your healthcare. So many of us are frustrated with how our health is being managed by our current healthcare system. There is now an alternative.

Serving patients in Pennsauken, Cherry Hill and the Philadelphia area, Concord Wellness will approach your condition by caring for you as a whole person. Results from thorough medical tests combined with an examination of your experiences, lifestyle, health history, and symptoms factor into a personalized treatment for the cause of your condition.

Personalized Prevention looks at the Patient as a whole!

In our Functional Medicine Clinic in Pennsauken we build a one-on-one relationship with our patients to determine an individualized treatment plan to restore health and healing throughout the body. Instead of treating your symptoms Dr. Knight will treat you as a whole person. This approach yields results to last you a lifetime.  

Nutritional Wellness Benefits:

Nutritional Wellness for Your Quality of Life

Over the years Dr. Knight has witnessed the quality of life of his patients suffer from auto immune disorders and ailments that could not be addressed by chiropractic adjustments alone. There are so many toxins in our environment, foods, and surroundings it was imperative to develop a treatment that would address the cause of these issues in all the systems of the body.  Functional medicine in our Pennsauken Office uncovers the cause of a certain condition, develops a individualized treatment plan, and helps you enjoy your life to the fullest!  Dr. Knight has been successful in helping patients Reverse Type II Diabetes, improve digestive disorders, and reduce allergies and sensitivities!

"As a physician, working with thousands of patients over 4 decades, I have seen the tragedy and devastating effects sickness has on the individual, families, general perspectives on health and changes in health care system itself.  What an opportunity we have in Functional Medicine of saving millions, even hundreds of millions of people from suffering needlessly.  In our fast paced society estranged from the rich natural source of life and energy,  I find it essential to get connected to nature for healing, wellness and preventative health." - Dr. Gary Knight, D.C.

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Concord Wellness Institute
7150 North Park Drive Suite 420
Pennsauken Township, NJ  08109