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Providing Family & Pediatric Chiropractic Care to the Pennsauken Area

They tumble, stumble and fall. We know how precious it is as parents to have a happy healthy baby. There is just something about a babies’ smile that melts away every ounce of stress in our lives.  There is nothing more heartbreaking to know your baby may be in pain or is sick. You NO longer have to feel powerless and give your precious baby medication.

Our Pediatric Chiropractic Care provides the safest and most natural ways for your baby to be in the best health.  Preserve each smile and protect from each bump in the road! Concord Wellness has specialized pediatric chiropractic treatments that is gentle and customized to fit your baby’s needs.

Giving your Child a Solid Foundation for Wellness!

Whatever your child may be suffering from, Dr. Knight is specialized in wellness care for all ages. Your child will feel the benefits of a healthier immune system, no pain or strain on their body and vital organs, and start their lives with an excellent posture and instructions on how to maintain that for the rest of their lives. Put the power in your hands! Parents are always involved in chiropractic care for their infants, as Dr. Knight takes time each visit to walk you through how to continue care at home for what your baby needs

Chiropractic care allows the body to experience greater health, improved body functioning and helps to restore the body's natural healing capacity. Studies have shown Chiropractic care to improve the immune system, reduce blood pressure, improve energy, athletic performance, decrease bed wetting, ear infections, help with ADHD, allergies, headache and more.  

Keep the Family Whole with Chiropractic

Kids soar with Pediatric Chiropractic Care at Concord Wellness Institute! Watch your kids soar as they learn from an early age that the power of their health is in their own hands. Kids under chiropractic care in our Pennsauken clinic learn to listen to what their bodies need and open up natural solutions without medication or invasive procedures. It’s up to us to teach children to jumpstart their health and prevent many pains & illnesses that arise from not having a healthy spine & nervous system.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Symptoms Such as:

“When I started here just about every year I had coughing problems due to asthma. After getting adjustments here with Dr. Knight for a couple months the coughing I had for all that time just went away! I’ve been coming here frequently and things just get better and better”.  –Kevin Fagan

“I’ve been getting chiropractic care since I was about 7. After my adjustments I always feel relaxed and any pain that I might've been having goes right away. Chiropractic care has really helped me over the past years. Because since I am still in school, and everyone knows about how heavy backpacks can get, when I come to Dr. Knight's office he makes any pain in my back go right away. It also helps me with my posture for dance. Since I do Ballroom dancing, posture is important and mines have very much improved because of Dr. Knight. He's a wonderful doctor, and person, and is wonderful with every age group. yaaay for Dr. Knight!!” – Ariana Stefanopoulos

Concord Wellness Institute
7150 North Park Drive Suite 420
Pennsauken Township, NJ  08109