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Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief For Pennsauken  

You may have had carpal tunnel diagnosed years ago, or may have recently had an inkling that you are developing this condition. The debilitating personality of this condition often impedes many from performing simple and normal tasks without living with repetitive discomfort and pain. Someone with carpal tunnel often experience stiffness in the morning, weakness, pain, numbness and or tingling or similar symptoms in the hands due to pressure of the median nerve at the wrist level.

How do you treat carpal tunnel? 

No one deserves to live with any pain or treatable condition. We find many in our community are suffering needlessly without seeking help for their carpal tunnel condition. Carpal Tunnel effects the median nerve which travels throughout your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and extends to your thumb and fingers. Over the years treating patients in Pennsauken, Cherry Hill and Camden with carpal tunnel, Maria Knight has developed a technique that concentrates on the hand without neglecting the other areas involved.

"I treat all these areas with modalities, manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to ensure the patient is experiencing true relief, flexibility, and restoration of health to their hands and arms. The most important aspect of my the treatment is actually patient education. Once my patients understand the mechanics of their condition they are equipped to take personal responsibility. The success of my patients thrive with their continued follow up on my recommendations, ensuring they avoid a relapse. It's my passion that my patients are equipped to help themselves, and after working with me they find the internal strength they need to live a pain-free lifestyle." - Maria Knight, P.T.  

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