The lost connection: Reestablishing your Health


Ever feel disconnected, out of the loop.
Disenfranchised, not wanted, separated or lost?

What is it that is stressing you out? Are you searching for something to cling to?

When we think of our Family ties; with our children, spouse, siblings, cousins etc.
What happened to our relationship?  You may even notice, your relationship is not like it use to be.  You ask yourself,  “Can our relationships be restored?”  Can we find the cause of the interference which created the symptoms we experience as emptiness, abandonment, anger, frustration, jealously, hatred etc.

We know that things constantly change, are the changes too overwhelming or unsurpassable that we give up and just don’t care anymore or move on without looking back?

All we need to do is look around us,  life is beautiful, life is love, Life and love heals.  Our life source is within us ( so we say ). We know there’s no batteries or strings attached, we can draw out what we need to enjoy our lives from within. Self Reflection and a shift in perspective can transform our outlook on life and whether we dread or truly enjoy it.

Chiropractic tends to mend or restore the lost connection or interference as it’s termed, between the mind –

Chiropractic will restore your health!

body relationship. It’s an all natural experience of physically removing the interference inside you to release you physically and emotionally from stress.

Nerve impulses, when interfered with, lose connection to the source of healing within.  This affects not only your neck and back pain but also our organs, feelings, actions and even decisions.

If you ever wondered if chiropractic could help you, I hope this helps you realize the deep benefits awaiting you.

Dr. Gary Knight, DC, PT, CFMP

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