Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine & Nutritional Programs at Concord Wellness

Dr. Knight, D.C, P.T., C.F.M.P., offers a natural approach to the underlying nutritional imbalances which go undetected for years even decades. These ongoing mechanisms over time lead to symptoms we know as allergies, IBS, leaky gut, fatigue, headaches, weight gain, toxicity, inflammation, joint pains etc., if the causes (often multiple) for these symptoms are not uncovered and handled appropriately, then we set ourselves up for chronic conditions which ultimately lead to sickness and diseases.

The research tells us that heart disease, cancer and diabetes begin early in life. The onset of these diseases usually do not come on suddenly or out of the blue.

Symptoms are our signals that something is wrong with our body! The future of healthcare is to determine “why”and assist the body to heal naturally. The next generations will bear the genetic predisposition for diseases that we are creating today. We must equip ourselves with the knowledge to engage in proper living and lifestyle changes that will bring about a better tomorrow.

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