Dangers of GMO foods


Dr. Knight here talking to you about the dangers of GMO’s in our foods.  As ou well know genetically modified organisms developed for foods are dangerous to our health.

This was not however the original intent of the companies who use the technology to help with food production and supply.  It is a miracle in itself to feed and supply nutrition for millions of Americans not to mention worldwide billions of people.

Nobel Peace Prize Awards were given to talented scientists who discovered ways to kill bugs, fungi and other organisms that destroyed food crops.  Its interesting to note how these researchers altered the natural pathways for cell reproduction used in nature to develop the variety of herbicides, pesticides and anti biotics that are currently used to help produce healthy crops and fight disease today.   (see below).


Volume 1, Issue 1, March 1967, Pages 14-20

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Studies on cell division: The effect of aldehydes, ketones and α-keto-aldehydes on the proliferation of escherichia coli

 Instead of protein translocation we have a variant in nature by using ketones and alydehydes

Many noteworthy advances have been over utilized, abused and  used for profit, production, greed, investments, etc., when found that these technological advances are the cause of many of todays illnesses and health problems.  Many of the synthetic chemicals we use today here in the U.S. are banned in European, Asian and other countries around the world.

Lobbyist in Washington have been successful in blocking the labeling of GMO’s in our foods.