The body is designed to heal itself.   Our treatments recognize the connectedness of the human body and give your specific health concerns the support it requires for restorative healing.  Our Functional Medicine and Chiropractic programs will  educate  and  empower  you to be able to improve your health, prevent illness and disease, and enhance your quality of life for a lifetime!



Dr. Gary Knight founded Concord Wellness Institute to assist those dedicated to improving and taking responsibility for their health. Concord Wellness, as an integrated health care facility, is equipped to guide you with the tools YOU need for YOUR health. Health is not a commodity to be purchased, where the best care is only available to the rich and wealthy. Health is life – our birthright.  YOU deserve care that considers the WHOLE person. After carefully evaluating all factors of your concerns, we strive to provide the best treatment in order to empower you for the rest of your life.

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The Best In Family Chiropractic Care In Pennsauken

Exceptional Healing and Restorative Care Through Functional Medicine and Chiropractic.


Concord Wellness of Pennsauken provides the healthcare you truly deserve! Serving you with the highest quality NATURAL healthcare to discover and eliminate even your worst health concerns, naturally treating headaches, back, sciatic, and neck pain... through Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage and Functional Medicine. We have devoted ourselves to Pennsauken and helping you overcome the most concerning aches, pains and stress your family is experiencing. With over 35 years in the healthcare field, Dr. Knight will take the best approach to your health that will address the cause and give you support, and much needed relief!

Reverse Your Type II Diabetes!

A Natural approach to Type II Diabetes and A Chance to Enjoy Your Life Again!

The solution is to find the underlying cause that has not been allowing your body to function and heal. We see local patients from Philadelphia and South Jersey, all with the same desire to restore their health and reduce or eliminate their need for medication.

With a personalized program our Pennsauken specialized team will supply the best possible care for your Type II Diabetes. Our extensive diagnostics and testing will help us determine exactly what is happening in your body. No guesswork. Your care is about you discovering the truth about why you are diabetic and more importantly, give you hope for living a better, fuller life!

Treasure Your Health at Concord Wellness Institute

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Find out what is happening with your health before things get worse, handle your health concerns in order to live a truly happier, healthier life for you and your family.